Cashiering and so much more ....

CabMaestro is a comprehensive, web-based, easy-to-learn cashiering system that allows you to manage drivers, customer accounts, scheduling, leasing, vehicles and all other aspects of managing your growing business. And it is completely customizable to the unique needs of your specific operation. Drivers, as well as customers, will have secure online access to fares, schedules, cashiering history, etc.


You can save time, money and paper-tracking with CabMaestro. Free up employee resources by reducing errors and billing problems. Increase your profitability and sales by offering the GPS auditing capabilities of CabMaestro to your corporate clients and government agencies. CabMaestro will give you the technological edge to service your clients and expand your business in this competitive and budget-conscious market.


If you are mired in paperwork, man hours and accounts receivable then CabMaestro is your back-office management solution that will automate and control everything from cashiering and scheduling to contract transit and fleet management.


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Audit the Fare

The ability to audit fares helps reduce errors and minimize fraud.

Cashiering the Driver

Payment to the driver and collecting fees can be fully automated.

Kiosk self Cashiering

Self-cashiering frees up time and shortens lines.

Driver payment via ATM

Reduces cash on hand and is a convenience for your drivers.

Schedule Drivers

Leasing and Fleet management is built in.
New Feature

Invoice the Customer

Save paper every day by invoicing your customers electronically.


See how producing detailed reports is easier than ever.