The ONLY card program you'll ever need...

CardOne is a customizable system that allows you to replace paper vouchers and coupons with a fully automated on-line system that is quick, efficient and low in cost. CardOne can be fully integrated with your existing website and system.


With CardOne, you can offer personalized and completely auditable ride/payment programs to corporations, government agencies, universities and school systems. This will open the doors of your business to a larger client base, increase your bottom line, and free up some of your valuable time.


You can provide on-demand vouchers to important clients who might not be the best fit for an exclusivly card-based program with our Boarding Pass feature.


In this competitive and budget conscious environment, it is important to be able to track fraud and keep costs down. CardOne gives you a 24/7 on-line solution to be able to offer your clients a low-cost program that reduces paper, fraud, outstanding accounts and man-hours of input and tracking.


Pay the Fare

CardOne empowers you to enforce your business rules at the point of sale.

Private label Cards

Expand your business by offering customized swipe cards to your larger corporate accounts and government agencies.

Boarding Pass

Smoothly transition paper dependent clients and provide online, client created, AdHoc vouchers on demand.




Metro Taxi - New Haven, CT

Click the card image above to learn how Metro Taxi is supporting it's community through the U-Ride program.