Use the web to increase ridership...

WebHail is a web-based transportation management system for your larger customer accounts that require managed recurrent dispatched ride services. WebHail eliminates paper and helps reduce the errors inherent with ordering taxis via faxes, emails and phone calls.


With its efficient and user-friendly interface, WebHail gives your customers control of their own schedules, resulting in fewer errors, faster service, and more accurate and audit-able billing. The customer manages their own scheduled trips, and when completed, they are electronically sent into your data dispatch system freeing up valuable resources and man-hours. WebHail provides real-time status and feedback to the customer reducing phone calls, errors and customer frustration.


By providing a branded and integrated interface to your customers, WebHail enhances the customer experience, builds customer loyalty, and ultimately increases your bottom line while giving you a technological edge over your competitors.


Schedule the Ride

Stop tracking paper vouchers forever with our scheduling module.

Submit for Dispatch

Webhail submit’s the order toyour dispatch system electronically, avoiding manual entry errors and freeing up phone lines.


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